Liwa Primary School Project

Gugulethu Township. Cape Town. South Africa


24 April 2015 New school teacher’s appointment at Liwa Primary School

Townshiphelp were able to offer further substantial donations to Liwa Primary School for the services of Andrew Gumindoga who’s services had been in danger of being terminated despite financial aid from the school parents within the township.

Andrew has been of huge benefit to the schoolchildren and is very popular. It is our hope that with this new donation made the school can continue to retain his valuable services.

17 April 2015 Liwa Primary School launches weekly Newsletter

Liwa Primary School is now providing weekly newsletters with stories from the school children and local community information. The aim is to motivate the staff and schoolchildren to develop their reporting skills and learn how to provide information about their township and working environment.

The first two editions are below.

13 March 2008 In the News

7th March 2008 Khanya Project Press Release

Download as Word or PDF below

2004 A letter from Nyanga CC

27 February 2004 VCC vs Nyanga CC